This site will focus mainly on lean management. I (the author) have been working on the technical side of IT since 1997. I currently work as CTO at Revio, a small software company located in Norway. On this site I’ll share the daily struggle that developers and customers introduce to my otherwise peaceful life.

I’ll also be talking a little bit about lean and kanban, and how and what we do. And possibly why. For some reason I never fell in love with SCRUM (too much rules), so I probably won’t be talking too much about that.

In the technology department we deal mostly with Microsoft based stuff (ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server), including cloud services on Windows Azure and Office 365. We also love mobile devices and making stuff fun by implementing game mechanics (gamification). So I might do a bit or two related to that as well.

We are based in Oslo and Trondheim, and our current customer base hang around in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

For more information about Revio AS (our company) – check out our website.

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  1. I love your tag line: “Pull when you can, Push when you must”. Fabulous.

  2. Thanks. We struggle for the ideal, but we are living in the real world. 🙂

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