The importance of communication

On an intellectual level, everyone understands that communication is important.

And everyone in a company is working together with someone else, unless it is a one man company. So without communication, nothing much would get done. Stating the obvious, right?

A recent NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Master Thesis concluded that (paraphrased):

“Allthough all organizations think that good communication is vital in order to run projects in the direction of their organizational strategy, most do not have the desired communication systems, culture or skills(..)”

Surely that doesn’t apply to your company. You guys spend lots of time making sure everyone understands what to communicate when, and to who. You naturally share all relevant information to as many people as possible, in a way that makes sure the original message is preserved.

I’m sure that you always make sure that “what is relevant” isn’t defined to tightly, and terms as “on a need to know basis” are generally frowned upon. Informal communication is always encouraged in order to build an environment where anyone will continously voice their intent, their understanding, their worries and their questions without fear of repercussions. Right?

And your managers always make sure everyone involved knows where the team is going and why. When someone does something that is not aligned with the overall goal of the company, they do not blame the individual. They ask “What piece of information did this person not have, and why?” or “What has this person not understood, and how can we help this person understand it better in the future?”

Did I just describe how the concept of information flow works in your company?

I did?


Don’t quit!




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