How to sell your company

What is the best approach to sell your company to future employees?

In Norway, developers are in high demand. Companies visit the Norwegian University of Science and Technology weekly to tell students about how great it is to work for them. During these sessions, you basically get 20 minutes to tell a bunch of students (who are mostly there to get free food and beer) how awesome you are.

So what do you do? Your weapon of choice is obviously Powerpoint, which usually equals a bunch of slides stuffed with revenue, sales, technical information and possibly some disconnected screenshots of some boring product that nobody ever heard about.

So you got your Powerpoint presentation nailed down, but what do you talk about? You should probably begin by telling your life story, sharing stories from your life that are in no way whatsoever related to your business. It’s also really important that you dig into the really juicy stuff (identified by the fact that you start every other sentence with “this is a bit technical, but..”), and don’t stop before several audience members either fall asleep or perform a decent impersonation of Elvis by leaving the building.

Maybe that isn’t quite the ideal way to recruit people, after all. While going through the first draft of your own powerpoint presentation (dutifully crammed with revenue figures and charts of your organization), you may realize that it doesn’t really reveal anything about what it would be like to work for your company. After a brief discussion, you may opt for the f**k it! approach, delete most of the slides and decide to simply tell the truth.

If you happened to be working at our company (Revio), it might go something like this:

You’d enter the stage and simply explain how great it made you feel to be part of a small company producing great software for large corporations. How delivering quality software and outstanding customer service rewarded you with customers that treated you like a rock star. And how that feeling made you strive to become even better.

The bottom line is that nobody cares how many regional offices you have, or what kind of bonus system you offer your employees. They care about creating great stuff while hanging out with great people. They care about being a part of an environment that pushes them to become a better person, and a better professional.

They care about making a difference.

Sounds like fun to work with us? Well, what can I tell you? It is.

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